Book Ryan

This year I wanted to experiment with a different method of planning teacher observations. Instead me choosing the time that I observe your classroom, you will have the autonomy to choose when I observe your classroom. 

To “book” your observation please complete the You Can Book Me form below. After you have completed the form I will receive a calendar invite letting me know what time you would like for me to stop by.

To complete the form you will need to select an available time, provide your name, let me know if you are asking for an observation on specific or generic feedback or if you would like for me to give a demo lesson in your class. To help give me a better understanding of what I will be observing their are two questions that you will need to answer. The first question is what will I see when I observe your class. This can be a brief 3-4 sentence description of what your students are working on. You only need to complete the second question if you are asking for feedback on a specific strategy.