This Month at BCCS – August 2016

Two years ago I read Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work! One of the main ideas of the book is the importance of sharing your work to tell your story. In the spirit of showing our work and telling our story I wanted to create a monthly blog post were I get the opportunity to brag about all of the amazing things I am seeing in your classrooms and our professional learning time.

Summer Professional Learning

Before the 16-17 school year started our staff came together for nine days of professional learning and development. We started of our summer professional learning time Ms. King-Berg lead us in a great session that reminded us of why we choose to get into education. We then watched Most Likely to Succeed as a staff and talked about the direction that we wanted to take our school and education.

The rest of our summer professional development time was spent planning for the upcoming school year. I’m super excited about what our staff has planned for this year.

BCCS Cribs

The Mariah Carey Golden Shoe Closet Award for Best Overall Classroom After our first day of school our staff participated in the first ever BCCS Cribs activity. The goal of the activity was to go and see other teacher’s room environments. To gamify the process teachers voted on the rooms that they felt had the Best Unit Board, Best Daily Scale, Best Room Layout, and the Best overall Room.A very special congratulations to Mr. Arreola, Ms. Villegas, and Ms. Garcia for winning the first ever Mariah Carey Golden Shoe Closet Awards for Best Overall Classroom.You see pictures of their classrooms by visiting our collaborative Google Slides slideshow.

Awesome things I saw this month

As I walked around the classrooms I saw:

  • Ms. Arce, Ms. Young, Ms. Espinoza, and Ms. Myers having their students use Google Slides to create collaborative slide shows. Some of the teachers tried the Iron Chef method of jigsawing!
  • I saw Ms. Espinoza holding a one on one conference with a student while the other students worked on their slide shows. it wa
  • The students in Ms. Garcia’s  class have done a great job of adapting to the iPad.
  • Mr. Matson and Ms. Murphy have used Google Classroom to share notes and assignments with their students.
  • To practice using the scientific method Mr. Rubin has already had his students create their first experiment.
  • Mr. Centofanti and Mr. Arreola are continuing to redesign and tweak our communications and visual arts classes so they are relevant for our students.
  • Mr. Wright has done a great job of adapting to his new position. Starting a week into the school year is not easy and Mr. Wright has done a great job of helping make sure that the students do not fall behind.
  • File_006Mr. Campana used Kahoot in class to quickly assess his students understanding of Rome. Ms. Yefet and Ms. Bravo have also used Kahoot with their students.
  • File_007Ms. Villegas’ students used the Frayer model to learn about the vocabulary words in The Giver.
  • arcewatercycleMs. Arce’s students made models and presented in class about the water cycle.

myerslearningscale campanalearningscale

  • Ms. Myers, Mr. Campana, and several other teachers have daily scales posted in their rooms. It’s awesome to see how teachers have taken the learning scales and made them relevant to their students.

Looking Ahead to Next Month

As we look ahead to next month I wanted to remind everyone about the goals and agreements that we made during our professional learning time. Below are the three collaborative slide shows that we created this month.

Creating a Data Driven Classroom
Aleks and Achieve 3000 Game Plans
Supporting English Learners and Students With Special Needs

Next month we will continue to review these goals and agreements while also digging deeper into our latest NWEA MAPS data.

Adobe Spark (14)

We are also holding our first academic contest. Our daily top scorers in Achieve 3000 for the month of August will be eligible to attend a USC football game on September 10th. Make sure to hype your students up for this contest. This is a great opportunity to get the students on Achieve 3000!


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